Central Wisconsin Higher Education Alliance


The Central Wisconsin Higher Education Alliance (CWHEA) will:

  • Serve North Central Wisconsin with quality, coordinated, educational programs that use public resources effectively and efficiently;
  • Provide essential educational resources for communities, business, and government; and,
  • Contribute to regional — and thereby state — economic vitality.


The Central Wisconsin Higher Education Alliance (CWHEA) fosters regional partnerships among the public colleges and universities in the region to best serve the educational needs of the citizens and communities in this region.

To that end we will:

  1. Coordinate higher educational programs to offer students appropriate flexibility on the path to degree completion and use taxpayer resources effectively.
  2. Share knowledge, resources, and programs, that leads to student success.
  3. Be responsive to the region's demands for a variety of educational services and effectively address those needs across a range of learners.
  4. Collaborate with K-12 schools to foster a seamless educational system that provides pathways leading to success for all Wisconsin citizens.
  5. Establish dialogue between faculty and staff from all institutions.
  6. Through collaboration with local and regional economic development agencies, develop and realize the power of higher education to attract, retain, and develop high skill/high demand jobs; determine, and be responsive to, the knowledge and skills required by a changing workforce.
  7. Work to sponsor an annual public policy program focused on higher education and regional collaboration for members of the legislature.